Our CEO gave an interview on Mooji’s product, results and goals.

Boost your training ROI

Mooji helps you achieve your business goals and keep your teams engaged through effective skills development and behaviour change.

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Use Cases

Grow your managers, to support happier and better performing teams

Help your managers adopt the skills and behaviours that will engage, retain and make your teams performant.

Roll out your culture across the organisation

Empower your teams to adopt the skills and behaviours that will ensure your business success.

Scale fast and more effectively

Help your teams efficiently stay on top of the skills they need in a fast-paced environment without disrupting their routine.

More effective change method & training solution, for hybrid, busy and diverse teams.

In today’s fast-paced and hybrid work environment, finding time to learn is hard. Effectively adopting the right skills and behaviours is even harder. No matter the quality of your content, if it doesn’t arrive at the right place, at the right time to be re-used, behaviours won’t change.

Mooji sends personalised, actionable and short content in the flow of work. We call these nudges.

Step 1

Share your goals & analyze data

We understand your business goals and look for areas of improvement within existing data, like surveys or training content.

Step 2

Translate them into micro-actions

We translate them into tailored micro-actions, informed by behaviour-science.

Step 3

Drive action & measure success

We send them to your teams in the flow of work while you can measure impact at scale.

Boost your training ROI
at scale

Mooji overcomes the 3 obstacles to learning:

No time to learn

Mooji integrates into teams’ routines. Micro-actions are short and timely.

We forget theory

Mooji drives change through practical content.

One-size-fits all doesn’t work

Mooji tailors to each individual profile and needs.

Meet your teams where they are

Mooji integrates with your teams’ everyday tools

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Mooji offers an innovative behavioural science approach, to nudge employees and reinforce key internal initiatives. They smoothly integrated their solution into PepsiCo’s Outlook and offered weekly practical tips to build our employees’ skillsets. The Mooji team was great to work with and developed a customized solution for our global Insights function

Stephan Gans
SVP Chief Insights and Analytics Officer, PepsiCo

I'm a huge fan. No app to download, no new portal. I use Slack every day, and Mooji feels like a partner to me.

Adam Faik
Product Manager, Aviv

I love working with Mooji. The support is amazing. I feel like I’m part of the team !

Esther Trapadoux
Growth Marketing Manager, Amplitude

Mooji allowed my teams to effectively develop the skills needed for our success. The experience using Mooji was smooth and simple

Nadia Lazrak
find Mooji helpful
feel they have a better relationship with their manager
feel they are more productive at work
survey done on 200 Mooji users

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