Our CEO gave an interview on Mooji’s product, results and goals.

We Help You Walk The Talk

Mooji uses behavioural science & technology to scale the behaviours that serve your teams and your company

Choose your goal

Grow your managers, to support happier and better performing teams

Translate your values into noticeable behaviour

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Why is it important?

Trainings don’t stick

The hardest part about changing, is taking action. Mooji helps you move from intention to action.

No time for extra-work

Instead of adding new programs, focus on concrete actions integrated into routines.

Move the needle in your company

Tailored actions sent in the flow of work

You pick skills and goals. We translate them into micro-actions and deliver them to your people in the flow of work.

Measure engagement & results at scale

Get all the insights you need to ensure you are on track with your goals.

No new platform needed

We integrate with Slack, Teams, and e-mail to meet your people where they are.

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Hear what our amazing customers say

I’ve got a lot of people managers in many different countries. I wanted something that could develop all of my people, while serving their different needs. I also needed content that people could access where and when they need it, while being respectful of busy agendas through short, sharp, engaging content. Mooji answered these needs.

Lee Burrows
Global HR Director, BIMA Milvik

Mooji helped improve collaboration and relationship within teams. We have helped managers re-enforce concrete and effective behaviours within their routine.

Anne Sophie Poilleaux
Human Resources, EPITA

Designed for all use cases

Talent Retention
Leadership Change
Team Effectiveness

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