We are on a mission to make collaboration more effective, and workplaces more attractive for everyone.

We are an international team of believers, makers, doers, and enablers. Our paths crossed for one important reason: we believe each and every human being has the power to change and reach their wildest dreams, should they focus on one single thing - taking the first practical step.

Each of us was met with profound growth when we started implementing the smallest actions in our day-to-day. As a team, we regularly nudge each other to grow and notice how it allows us to collaborate better, increase our results, and lead simpler lives.

Gregory Boch

CTO & Co-founder

Gregory is a seasoned product manager and full stack developer, working at the crossroads of technology and training. He became an entrepreneur at age 8 when he started selling Windows XP software services to his parents’ friends. He went on growing his first EdTech company to 15 employees. He also worked for scale ups in EdTech - such as InspiritVR - where he managed a distributed team of 13 people. And yet, Gregory isn’t your typical tech nerd: he loves the outdoors and spends most of his free time chasing the wind on all types of boards: windsurf, longboard, snowboard and surf.

Ghalia Alami

CEO & Co-founder

Ghalia is a Leadership Coach, ex-MBB consultant, and nudge addict. As a consultant, she worked closely with large groups that struggled to move from intention to action. As a manager and managee, she realised how hard it was to effectively collaborate within teams, and the immense trouble it could cause at an individual and at a group level. As a human being, she spends hours studying motivation, intention, decision-making and change. She built Mooji to allow companies to effectively reach their goals by powering sustainable behaviour change.

Justine Massu

PhD in Behaviour Change

Justine Massu has a PhD in Organizational Psychology. She is an attached researcher to the IRG of the University of Paris Est Créteil. She produced several noticeable papers and conducted in-depth research on managerial innovation, breakthrough work practices and behaviour change. She builds psychometric tools to analyse the impact of trainings, and conducts applied research in organisations on different themes such as creativity, innovation, soft skills, and management.

Graham Dodds

Leadership Coach & Behaviour Change Specialist

Graham is a Business Psychologist who has operated as a Senior Data Analytics Executive for over 25 years. He has spent his entire career navigating the intersection of 2 passions - human behaviour and data. Since stepping out of the corporate world, Graham has founded several ventures that are all aligned with his personal mission of 'helping people to help themselves'. He has extensive experience in guiding leaders to make lasting behavioural change as a coach with Tiny Habits Academy, MindValley, Thrive Global or his Quiet Leaders Academy.